boxtopsforeducationVisit Boxtops for Education for participating products and more ways to collect Boxtops points. Just registering earns more points for our school. Ask your friends and neighbors too! Each one is worth 10¢ for our school and they really add up. Send those Boxtops in!

7907354.png Labels for Education: Find Labels for Education on products such as Campbell’s and Pepperidge Farms. Clip the Labels for Education from each product including UPC (bar) code and send in to school. All those labels add up and can be used to help the school!

baystatetextilesBay State Textiles: Bring your old clothes, shoes, linens, stuffed animals, and textile materials to the white bin behind the Yelle that reads, “RECYCLE.” The bin is located in the driveway/parking lot to the left of the school. The Yelle receives cash for your donations. Go to the Bay State Textiles Web site to review the list of acceptable items.

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